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Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

The last adult teeth to grow in the rear of the mouth are wisdom teeth. Some patients have their wisdom teeth come in without any issues. But many may experience pain once their wisdom teeth erupt. Wisdom teeth usually grow in during teens or early adulthood and have less room to move around than other molars.

Dr. Frederick Marra provides tooth extraction care to patients in Cohoes, New York. Learn more about wisdom teeth and the reasons why wisdom teeth may need to be removed below.

Wisdom Teeth Cohoes, New York

Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth are Removed

Dr. Marra may recommend wisdom teeth removal surgery for several reasons:

Impacted teeth: When wisdom teeth are blocked from coming in by natural teeth, they are referred to as impacted. Some people may experience pain or discomfort when their wisdom teeth are impacted, but others aren’t aware they have impacted wisdom teeth until a dentist finds it on an x-ray. It is important to remove impacted teeth to prevent crooked teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Possible future dental problems: If Dr. Marra thinks that keeping your wisdom teeth in puts you at risk for future problems, he will suggest an extraction. Even if you haven’t experienced any problems yet, we may recommend wisdom tooth removal to prevent difficult future procedures.

Pericoronitis: When wisdom teeth emerge from the gums, the leftover flap of gum tissue can trap food particles and bacteria. Too much bacteria can lead to an infection, called pericoronitis, which irritates the surrounding gums. Antibiotics or oral surgery are needed to deal with this infection.

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