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Sedation Dentistry Cohoes, NY

Dental anxiety and fear often prevent people from seeking and receiving the dental care they need for both oral and overall health. Without regular dental care and prompt attention to dental concerns, the risk of losing your teeth to advanced decay and periodontal disease grows substantially.

At Capital Region Complete Dental Care and Implants, we work one on one with patients suffering with dental anxiety and offer sedation options when needed to help you restore your smile and get back to enjoying a great quality of life.

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Sedation Options In Cohoes

Dr. Marra is one of very few Albany area dentists trained and certified in the use of IV sedation. We also offer oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. Each type of sedation offers certain benefits and Dr. Marra will meet with you prior to your treatment to determine which is best for you.

  • Oral sedation: administered in pill form, oral sedation will enable you to be “alert and responsive” without feeling pain or discomfort. This type of sedation may take some time to become effective and takes several hours to completely wear off. You will need an escort to and from your dental appointment.
  • Nitrous oxide: nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is inhaled via a tiny cannula placed beneath your nose. Providing similar sedation to the oral option, nitrous has the added benefit of taking effect and wearing off almost immediately. This makes it possible for patients to drive themselves home after their visit.
  • IV sedation: the strongest type of sedation for dental procedures, IV sedation allows for control over your level of comfort and careful monitoring of your vital signs. Delivered directly into the bloodstream, your sedative will slowly take effect and also need some time to wear off completely. IV sedation provides the “deepest” relaxation and patients generally have no memory of their procedure.

Sedation dentistry can often enable patients with complex dental needs to receive multiple treatments during one visit. This can help to save both time and money as we help you restore a beautiful, functional smile.