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The Stages of Gum Disease

Our gums play an important part in our oral health. When they suffer from disease or damage, it can affect not just our mouths but our entire body. Like many other dental conditions, gum disease in Cohoes, NY, comes in…


Why You Shouldn’t Fear a Root Canal

For many patients, there’s a general level of anxiety for any dental procedure. But there’s usually one appointment that can naturally create fear and apprehension. However, getting a root canal in Cohoes, NY, is nothing to be afraid of. While…


Tips For Overcoming Dental Anxiety

It's natural for many patients to feel some form of anxiety when visiting the dentist. Whether it's a fear of sharp objects, worry over potential pain, or lingering anxiety from a past dental appointment, it can be stressful to get…


Options for Missing Teeth Treatment

When you’re missing teeth from your mouth, it’s more than just your smile that’s affected. While restoring missing teeth in Cohoes, NY, can be a cosmetic concern, it’s also a necessary restorative treatment for your oral health. Missing teeth can…


Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are a highly effective restorative treatment for missing or damaged teeth. When your tooth suffers decay or a fracture, the sooner you restore and protect it, the better. Leaving teeth with exposure not only can cause pain and…


How Diet Can Influence Oral Health

When we think about our diet, we may consider how it affects our well-being. Additionally, our food choices may revolve around summer fitness above all else. But, the foods we eat are more important than simply how we look. This…


Self-Care and TMJ

Having temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can be a hassle. It creates discomfort in your face and jaw. Unfortunately, it can even disrupt your daily life. Therefore, you might want to seek options to relieve your pain. There are many treatment…


What to do with Bonding

Our smiles mean a lot to us. If you don’t have a smile that you’re proud of, you may be less likely to show it off. Luckily, your dentist can help. When it comes to improving your smile, tooth bonding…


Treat Cavities Fast

When it comes to dental health, cavities are a common concern. Most adults will have a cavity at some point in their lives. Because cavities are small pits, some people don’t think twice about them. In fact, people sometimes avoid…


Sensitive Teeth Treatment

Having sensitive teeth can be a frustrating and painful experience. You may find yourself avoiding certain foods and drinks or even experiencing discomfort during normal daily activities. This can even include pain when brushing or flossing your teeth. If so,…