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Dental Anxiety Cohoes, NY

Do you feel anxious when visiting the dentist? Do you avoid dental care and suffer from poor oral health due to a fear of the dentist?

Capital Region Complete Dental Care and Implants welcomes patients who suffer from dental anxiety and avoid dental care out of fear. Dr. Marra and our staff of dental professionals in Cohoes, NY will work with you to determine the cause of your anxiety and find the most suitable solution for relaxation and comfort so that you can restore a healthy smile. We strive to provide a warm, welcoming environment where patients of ALL ages feel respected and cared for.

overcoming dental anxiety

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Just as there are many reasons for dental anxiety, there are a wide range of ways to help you feel calm and comfortable in the dentist chair. Through consultation and a discussion of your personal concerns, Dr. Marra and our staff can help you to choose what works best for you and give you the confidence you need to receive necessary dental care. Here are a few techniques that have proven successful for many patients:

  • Patient education: for many, a thorough explanation of each step in their dental procedure significantly reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Listening to music through headphones: distracting your mind with soothing music of your choice and blocking out sounds that make you feel nervous or anxious.
  • Breathing techniques: as used in other stressful situations, taking time out to inhale deeply and relax your body can reduce your feelings of stress.
  • Sedation: we offer several types of conscious sedation to enable you to be completely relaxed and unaware of any pain or discomfort. Dr. Marra will work with you to determine which type of sedation is appropriate for you. He is one of few area dentists offering IV sedation.

We want you to be able to enjoy the best possible quality of life with a clean and healthy smile. If you have complex dental problems as a result of dental fear or poor dental care, Dr. Marra will create a treatment plan to help you restore a comfortable and functional smile. Through the use of sedation, many patients are able to undergo several dental treatments during one visit.