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Dental Fillings Cohoes, NY

Capital Region Complete Care and Dental Implants is a mercury free dentist office in Cohoes, NY. Dr. Marra offers composite, resin fillings and porcelain inlays or onlays to treat all types of tooth cavities.

Benefits of Metal Free Fillings

Composite resin or high quality porcelain fillings which offer several key benefits to patients in addition to the natural looking result. The composite material is less sensitive to temperature change and can reduce both tooth sensitivity and protect the remaining tooth structure. Composite resins are also highly durable and less prone to developing cracks which allow bacteria to seep beneath, causing further decay and damage.

Dr. Marra can replace an old, dark or leaky filling with a white resin filling to improve the aesthetics of your smile and strengthen the affected tooth. If you have dark fillings in the “smile zone”, consider having them replaced with a white filling for a smile makeover that will also support lasting dental health.

Dental Fillings: What To Expect

A composite dental filling to address tooth decay can typically be completed during a single visit. Dr. Marra will prepare the affected tooth by removing any decay and a minimal amount of tooth structure to support the composite resin material.

The composite material is color matched to your natural teeth and placed on the surface of the tooth, then sculpted to provide a comfortable restoration that will prevent future decay. A special light seals the material, and a final surface polishing will smooth any rough edges and provide a natural luster.

Inlays & Onlays

For tooth decay or damage that is significant or on the larger back teeth, Dr. Marra recommends restoring dental health with an inlay or onlay. Often considered a “partial crown”, these ceramic or porcelain restorations are made to cover a larger surface area and are permanently bonded to the tooth to prevent future damage or decay.

An inlay or onlay will offer the most stable and durable solution for tooth decay or damage and can also be used to address minor cosmetic concerns to enhance your smile.