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All-on-Fours vs. Dentures

Dr. Frederick Marra offers several options for tooth replacement, including partial dentures, removable dentures, and implant-secured dentures.  He offers a revolutionary denture treatment that can replace the full arch of missing teeth in just one day with only four tiny dental implants strategically placed in the mouth securing your new restoration. Dr. Marra can restore a functional, natural-looking smile with cosmetic dentures designed to blend with your natural appearance and facial structure.all-on-fours dentures dentist cohoes ny


All-on-Fours are implant-secured dentures that are secured at four points in the mouth. They are a simpler form of dental implant that replaces multiple missing teeth. All-on-Four dental implants support an entire arch of teeth, top or bottom, with just four implants rather than the whole mouth. The replacement teeth look and feel identical to your natural teeth and function just the same.  Many patients who have dentures end up upgrading to All-on-Four because of the many added benefits this procedure offers.

  • Instantly improve your smile and facial structure. This dental procedure helps to preserve the bone in the jaw, which prevents facial structure complications
  • All-on-Four dental implants provide a new set of permanent teeth. The denture placed in the mouth is non-removable. This is much better for the facial structure and much more convenient than traditional dentures.
  • The All-on-Four dental implant procedure will optimize the functionality of your mouth. You will find that you are able to speak more clearly, consume the foods that you want, have less gum sensitivity, and your overall health will improve.

One of the best benefits of All-on-Fours is that many people that don’t qualify for full dental implants can often be candidates for this procedure. Since there are minimum dental implants that are needed, there’s a less healthy bone structure that’s required. Patients that need to have full smiles replaced have a more stable solution that’s a permanent structure in the mouth instead of being removable.


Dentures are replacements for missing teeth and tissue. They are removable and customized to fit comfortably in your mouth cavity. Dentures provide the same support as natural teeth to your lips and cheeks while helping you to chew your food and speak clearly. Dentures also restore the appearance and function of healthy teeth, while improving your overall facial appearance. These fixtures are normally removed at night, as this gives the mouth a chance to rest. However, some people prefer to continue wearing their dentures while sleeping,

While dentures have certainly improved with the advancements of dental technology, they’re still an unnatural device to have in your mouth. Removable dentures are a bit bulkier and can take some time to get used to. While they do give you back your overall facial appearance, you don’t get your full bite function back. Certain foods may have to be eliminated from your diet.

If you need a replacement solution for a full arch of missing teeth, Dr. Marra can help. We offer both traditional and all-on-four dentures at our Cohoes, NY dentist office. Call us or schedule an appointment online to learn more about our tooth replacement options!