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Seal Out Tooth Decay

Even if you are stringent with your daily oral hygiene routine, tooth decay can still happen to you. Brushing and flossing are important, but even the most diligent flosser can not get every crevice in between their teeth. Molars are a common region of your mouth that just never fully gets clean. Sugar and food particles build up in the rough caves on the surface creating tooth decay and cavities.

Cohoes dentist Dr.Frederick Marra offers sealants, a thin protective coating, that can help you to prevent tooth decay. Sealants are intended to be a support system of your daily dental hygiene routine, not a substitute. The ADA shows that sealants can help reduce cavities in those tricky molars by almost 80%. Highly trained and experienced Dr. Marra can apply the protective coating in just one visit to his Cohoes dentist office.

How are Sealants Applied To My Teeth?

Sealants are a protective shield that coat your teeth keeping food particles from adhering to the tooth’s surface. The less food and sugar build you have in your mouth, the less chance you have for tooth decay.

The plastic material used for sealants is clear. It is discrete and your teeth will appear as though you have had no dental work done to them. Sealants last for several years and regular visits the dentist will make sure they stay in great shape. If your dentist feels they need touch ups, that is an easy and painless process.

Here is a brief video explaining the easy and totally pain free process Dr. Marra will use to apply your sealants.

I Already Have Tooth Decay

If you already have minor tooth decay, sealants can still help keep your mouth healthy. Sealants can be applied over treated tooth decay to deter further damage. If you have serious decay Dr. Mara will evaluate your unique dental health and may suggest filling your current cavities first. Sealants can then be applied to help keep your fillings and healthy teeth from suffering from future tooth decay. Sealants can be applied at any age, and can be a beneficial dental treatment for children and adults.

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