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Better Dentistry With Dental Technology

dental technology cohoes nyCombining advanced education and state-of-the-art dental technology, Capital Region Complete Dental Care & Implants offers patients quality dental care. Dental technology has advanced the quality, ease, and accessibility of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Frederick Marra uses dental technology to provide patients with improved comfort, less downtime, and more accurate cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Dental Technology Cohoes, NY

  • Digital x-rays: takes photos of your jaw and and teeth. X-rays can help Dr. Marra determine the health of your teeth and predict future tooth growth patterns.
    How You Benefit: Digital X-rays use less radiation, limiting your exposure and risk. Digital x-rays are fast and can be digitally saved.
  •  DIAGNOdent: A hand held device that spots tooth decay before it becomes visible to the human eye.
    How You Benefit: Early detection of tooth decay can help Dr. Marra treat your cavities with conservative fillings. Early detection allows for less drilling, and avoid further advanced and complex dental treatments such as root canals or tooth extraction.
  • Intra oral camera: A small hand held camera that takes digital images of your teeth and gums.
    How You Benefit: Digital images are highly accurate at capturing your teeth and gums. Accurate images help Dr. Marrar make more precise diagnosis of dental health concerns and can help to create better fitting restorations.
  • Isolite: The Isolite Dryfield Illuminator fully illuminates your oral cavity.
    How You Benefit: Enables Dr. Marra to have a well lit view of the mouth to provide more retraction, protection, fluid and more precise debris removal. Isolite can shorten your time at the dentist and improve the results of your dental treatment.

Dr. Marra will spend time getting to know you, and to understand your dental health concerns and cosmetic goals. Technology paired with Dr. Marra’s experience and compassionate dental care can provide patients with natural looking and long lasting results. Schedule a consultation at our Cohoes, NY dentist office.