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Root Canal Treatment

Woman suffering from toothacheSmall chips or cracks in your teeth may lead to an infection of your inner tooth pulp. This is known as a root canal infection. Bacteria enters through the crack and infects the pulp. Infected teeth are painful, sensitive, and if untreated could result in the need for extraction. If you are suffering from a tooth infection, schedule a visit to Cohoes, NY dentist Dr. Frederick Marra as soon as you can. Early diagnosis means dr. Marra may be able to perform a simple root canal to save your natural tooth.

Dr. Marra and his compassionate dental care team offer our patients the most conservative and quality dental treatments. Our goal is to maintain the most of your natural smile while restoring function and beauty.

Root Canals are a conservative restorative dental treatment used to treat the infection of the inner tooth pulp. A root canal is performed by removing all of the inflamed and diseased pulp from the center of the infected tooth. Dr. Marra will fill the tooth with a synthetic material to replace the infected pulp. In many cases, Dr. Marra will recommend a dental crown for added structural support.

Root Canal Cohoes, NY

Many patients fear the thought of needing a root canal. Over the years the root canal procedure has gotten a bad reputation. But did you know that root canals may be no more painful than a tooth filling?

The pain associated with a root canal procedure comes from the infection itself. The infected pulp can cause patients discomfort and may make it difficult to eat or focus. Most patients who receive a root canal procedure report immediate pain relief post treatment. Most root canal procedures are no more painful than a standard tooth filling. Once the infected pulp is removed, your pain will start to fade.

Dr. Marra believes in a strong patient doctor relationship built on trust. Dr. Marra will take time to understand your dental health concerns and cosmetic goals. Our entire dental care team is here to make visiting the dentist comfortable and productive. Schedule a consultation at our Cohoes, NY dentist office.