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Treating Damaged Teeth in Cohoes, NY

You’ve sustained tooth damage, and you don’t know what to do.

At The Center for Complete Dental Care & Implants, Dr. Frederick Marra and our dental care team offer a wide selection of treatments to restore a damaged smile. Dr. Marra is a highly trained dental professional with over 35 years of experience improving patient smiles. As an experienced dentist, Dr. Marra dedicates hours of continuous training every year to stay on the forefront of the latest dental technology, advanced dental methods, and procedures. We strive to provide patients with state of the art dental care in a warm, safe environment. We are dedicated to the overall health of our patient and work diligently to be able to offer the dental care they need.

If you have sustained tooth damage, please schedule a visit to our Cohoes, NY dental office as soon as possible. Dr. Marra can work with you to find the right solution for your teeth. To schedule an appointment, call (518) 650-1930 or schedule an appointment online.

Treating Damaged Teeth

In order to properly treat damaged teeth, it is important to identify if the tooth damage is caused by an underlying dental concern. Dr. Marra will perform a full comprehensive exam to determine if the tooth damage you have sustained is caused by TMJ disorder, tooth decay, gum disease, teeth grinding, or another complex dental concern. It is imperative that we treat the underlying dental concern prior to addressing cosmetic concerns. The goal is to save the tooth before it leads to further damage. If damaged teeth are not properly treated, it may lead to tooth loss. Building a strong, stable foundation can promote longer lasting results.

Once we address the underlying cause, we will discuss your cosmetic goal, budget, and lifestyle to determine which restorative dentistry solution is right for you.

Dr. Marra can work with you to determine which solution best suits your needs. Please don’t let you damaged teeth go untreated. Visit The Center for Complete Dental Care & Implants for the dental care you deserve.