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Relax With Sedation Dentistry

Relax With Sedation Dentistry Cohoes, NY Is dental fear hindering you from achieving a healthy smile?

Well, you may be in luck. Sedation dentistry has been used for years to help patients with extreme dental fear and anxiety undergo the treatment they need to improve their oral health. Under the care of a highly trained dentist, sedation dentistry can help keep patients relaxed, comfortable, and safe throughout their dental procedure.  Sedation dentistry is not just ideal for patients with dental fear, but for patients with a strong gag reflex, patients who need to undergo extensive procedures, and patients who have difficulty getting numb, as well.

At The Center for Complete Dental Care in Cohoes, NY, Dr. Frederick Marra offers a full range of sedation dentistry solutions, including IV, oral and inhalation sedation.  Dr. Marra is licensed and certified in the anesthesia training required for IV sedation; IV sedation is a viable option for patients with extreme dental fear.

What is Oral sedation?

Oral sedation is administered in pill form. Patients are instructed to take oral sedation before their procedure; oral sedation takes a few hours to activate. Oral sedation will enables patients to feel alert and comfortable throughout their procedure. Patients will need a trusted escort to and from their dental visit.

What is Nitrous oxide? 

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is inhaled through a mask that is placed over the nose. Nitrous oxide diminish fairly quickly after the mask is removed; this makes it possible for patients to drive themselves home after their dental visit.

What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is commonly referred to as “deep conscious sedation”, which means that the patient is completely unaware of their immediate surroundings but is completely responsive and in control of their bodily functions. Although patients are conscious during their treatment, It is common for patients to recall having no recollection of their procedure.

IV sedation is administered through a tube that leads into the bloodstream. The tube delivers a steady drip of sedation medication to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout your procedure.

Benefits of IV Sedation:

  • Predictable, quick results
  • Patients remain comfortable and relaxed through their procedure
  • Allows your dentist to perform multiple treatments in one visit
  • Patients recover relatively quickly with few side effects after IV sedation (compared to oral sedation)
  • Dr. Marra offers is a certified and licensed New York dentist

Dr. Marra will work with you before your procedure to determine which type of sedation is best for you. Dr. Marra will review your medical history and perform a full comprehensive exam before recommending a sedation dentistry solution.

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Dr. Marr will work with you to determine the ideal sedation option for your specific needs. To learn more about sedation dentistry, visit The Center for complete Dental Care. To schedule an appointment, call (518) 650-1930 or schedule an appointment online.