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Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation is nothing new in dentistry. For decades, dentists have used sedation to help their patients feel more comfortable and make their procedures run more smoothly. From pain to anxiety, there is a sedation option that is right for you. 

Woman receiving sedation dentistry in office setting dentist in Cohoes New York

Reduce Pain

For some patients, even routine procedures can be painful. If you have extremely sensitive teeth, you should talk to your dentist about sedation. Sedation can make you feel more comfortable and minimize your pain. Not only is this a benefit to you, but it is also a benefit for your dentist. If you are more relaxed, they will be able to move through your procedure without difficulty. Plus, no dentist wants their patients to be in pain. 

Reduce Anxiety

Sedation can help to reduce your dental anxiety. A large majority of patients have some form of dental anxiety. This can include dental phobia to mild anxiety over seeing the dentist. If you don’t suffer from dental anxiety, it may be difficult to understand its seriousness. However, sedation can help minimize your anxiety, helping you get through your procedures. 

Types of Sedation

Your dentist can offer you several types of sedation. The type of sedation you use depends on your dental procedure and the reason for sedation. 

Nitrous Oxide

You may be more familiar with the other name for nitrous oxide: laughing gas. This is a gaseous form of sedation that your dentist will administer through a nosepiece or face mask. Because you inhale it, the effects are nearly immediate. This also means that the effects will wear off quickly. It will give you a calm feeling. Although it is a sedative, this gas will not put you to sleep. In fact, you will still be able to have a conversation with your dentist. 

Your dentist may recommend nitrous oxide if you have dental anxiety. In addition, you may use this sedative if you have sensitive teeth. This can help make you more comfortable during your procedure. 

Oral Conscious Sedation

Unlike nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation (OCS) takes much longer for you to feel the effects. Typically, it takes about an hour for you to begin feeling drowsy. Generally, you will take this sedative in the form of a pill. If you take OCS, you will need someone to drive you to and from your dental appointment. This is because it will make you feel drowsy or sleepy. You can fall asleep during the procedure. However, you should still be able to hold a conversation with your dental team.

You may take OCS if you have dental anxiety. 

IV Sedation

IV sedation is a sedative that your dentist will administer intravenously. Likely, you will be asleep while under the influence of this sedation. This means that you will be unable to communicate with your dentist, but they will take excellent care of you. Typically, IV sedation helps with extreme dental anxiety or complicated procedures. Because IV sedation is relatively strong, you will need someone to take you to and from your dental appointment.